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Transformation Tools for the New Generation

Corporate Clients



For the past 15 years, I have worked with international corporations on performance management and creative development. I have designed special Transformation tools to help their employees reduce stress, increase productivity, increase creativity and create a solution based mindset.


Theta Meditation

Theta Meditation is a transformation tool for the new generation. In this 1 hour session, we will use the Theta sound frequency to activate the cells in the body while being in meditation. This frequency increases brain stimulation and will develop a solution based mindset, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase creativity. Each class is designed for clients to come with a problem, idea or project that they want to find clarity and a solution. They say all answers live within us, so let’s dive deep to find our stream to success!

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Meditation Packages

8 Week Integration Program

This 8 Week Integration Program will change the lives of your employees. By        cultivating a disciplined practice it will reprogram the mind and body to respond to work with a solution based mind set. They will become creative when tackling tasks at work and develop a healthy response to stress. We offer two different types of packages:

Intensive Package

5 Days a Week - €1200

Intermediate Package

3 Days a Week - €960

4 Week Immersion Program

This 4 Week Immersion Program will help develop a new mind set for your employees. It will reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity and begin to develop a solution based mind set. Transformation happens when we create a disciplined practice and

Intensive Package

5 Days a Week - €800

Intermediate Package

3 Days a Week - €600

Single Session

Are you curious to try it out before diving in to the bigger packages? I am happy to come for one session for your employees to test it out!

One Time Session

1 hour Session - €80

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Transformation Dance

Get up and Dance! This is a 1 hour morning dance, that will get the body moving and the mind ready for a productive day!  This Transformation Dance will include brainwave frequencies, binaural beats and theta sounds to reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity! Its meditation for the whole body and a good way to sweat it all out before a big day at work!



What we offer is a Real Life session with a certified transformation coach that will lead small groups through this meditation. Each coach comes equipped with Theta Frequency Sound Track, Guided Meditation and Tuning Fork.

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Want to learn more about Theta?

I am working with iAwake Technologies that have been producing brainwave frequencies for meditation teachers, DJ's and conscious events. Learn more here.

These are the Transformation Tools for the New Generation.

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