Full Moon in Sagittarius - May 29 2018

By the Full Moon in Sagittarius it will be time to celebrate all our hard work and to go on a vision quest to seek the bigger picture. Sagittarius is the traveling monk, the spiritual warrior, and will lead us on our path for truth. In order for us to make our goals known to the world we first must discover it within our own soul.

This full moon will mark a time of remembering, the secrets of our own undoing. For we need to travel beyond our own understanding to seek wisdom from other perspectives. To find a different way of looking at the world in which we are creating, to begin a new story, something never ending. Is that not the goal? To find a new way from the one we are living, to create true change, that everyone can start doing? Sagittarius asked us to be brave by knowing the truth of our soul, by overcoming our obstacles and to be humble in the brilliance of the unknown.

Mercury will enter into Gemini, its natural home, and our communication on all levels will be in the flow. We often think that communication is only about speaking and writing but it is also about listening. The deeper we listen to the messages from within and from up in the cosmos do we begin to understand the mystery of everything. Gemini wants to explore the limitless boundaries, usually with no goal at all, for that is when they discover something that revolutionizes our society. We live to experience what we understand, or at least be brave enough to not understand where we are going. It is the quest in the unknown that leads us to discovering the purpose of our soul.

During this full moon take time to celebrate all that has been received, to be in gratitude for all that has been given. Take time to listen to the messages sent from beyond, and to seek the bigger picture before making plans or setting goals. Trust somehow, that the light will always return and the dark moments are worth experiencing for they lead us down the path of discovering the true meaning of what it means to be whole.

Full Moon Mantra
Seek not what can be found
Discover what can not be seen
Trust only what can not be known.
This is the journey of my soul.

Full Moon ritual
Spend the night with fire, burn candles in your living room, go outside and make a bonfire. Gather with loved ones and speak around the flames of all that you are grateful for and any visions you would like to bring forth. Whisper into the flames “Give me a reason, give me the time, to experience the richness of my souls ambitions.” Take time in silence staring into the flames, ask your guides or the God Mercury to give you the bigger picture on the journey of your soul. Take one person aside and tell them what you’ve seen and than listen to their own story. When all has been shared, than everyone should dance together and giving thanks to all that they have received. “Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be, May all your wishes come to thee”

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.