New Moon in Aries - April 16th 2018

Spring has arrived, and life is awakening all around us. We have risen from our slumber and welcome the sun back into our hearts. This New Moon in Aries on April 16th 2018 will light the fire within and the time to plants the seeds for the new era to come.

We will feel the force of Mars to give our projects a new sense of passion and determination. Aries, who is ruled by Mars, is known for being the youthful spiritual warrior and signifies the beginning of spring. Similar to the Fool, Aries thrusts forward into life without thinking but blindly trusting the unknown road ahead. This can provide us with the courage to move forward with our goals and to learn how to create within the divine moment.

Under this dark night, Pluto will create an extra layer of intensity that will govern all choices based on our soul purpose. When we let our soul guide us we can live our own love story. This is our time to reflect on how to work our will into every act of creation. To embody our story by living our most natural selves.

This New Moon will create a need for freedom in our lives, to be independent from our struggles and to live our soulful purpose. It is when we face our fear, do we finally become free. When we dance with the darkness to awaken the light within us. Our pain is what moves us towards evolution and the ultimate revolution is when all souls are living heaven on earth.

New Moon Mantra
I am my past
I am my present
I am my future
So Mote it Be.

New Moon Ritual
Under the dark sky, in the quiet of your sacred space, turn on your favorite dancing music and create your circle of protection. In the middle, of your circle light a candle, and begin to stare into the fire. Imagine, your new moon intention becoming alive within the flames. Now, begin to move, first with your toes, then your hips, then your shoulders, then your head. Spend some time in movement, while keeping your eyes on the flame. When you feel you have danced your new moon intention to life, return back to the ground. Feeling every cell in your body alive and vibrant with this new life. Write down any visions, feelings or sensations that came to you and make a clear letter to the universe on what needs to be created. Burn this letter and when everything has burned to ashes, rub them over your third eye, heart and feet. Than look to your candle once more and blow it out and say out loud “I will, my will, divine will, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.”

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.