New Moon in Taurus - May 15th 2018

April, was about removing, restoring and remembering what she should have known. By May 15th for the New Moon in Taurus, it will be time to finally grow. Life is blooming all around us, we have officially awoken from our deep winter's sleep and are now ready to take the leap.

Mercury is out of retrograde and we are finally able to act on our hearts desires. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, and will ask us during this new moon energy  to rely on our relationships to make our dreams become a reality. By falling in love with the opportunities and services our souls want to deliver, we can gather others to help build our fire.

Pluto will bring in our ultimate power to fulfill our souls ambitions, with a new vision of opportunity. For those of us, who have been confused on which road to go or path to follow, it will become clear on this night of insight to reveal the truth of our soul. If most of us already know, than we will be calling in bigger forces to help birth our projects and life goals.

Uranus and Mars will help spark our creative genius and the passion to move forward with accomplishing our goals. Creativity lives in the particles of light held within every single cell and the more light we share, the greater our abundance. Light can be seen in how we serve others, our gifts and the boldness of what we give. Therefore, on this new moon night, when we focus on how we share our light, it will lead us to our hearts delight.

This will be a time to call upon the Goddess, nature and the divine to ask for visions of what’s to come. Time to fall in love with life again and our creations. For love is the most powerful force of all, and is the key to opening the doors to our immortal soul.

New Moon Mantra
The time is right
The time is now
To trust in love
To breath the light
To become my divine soul.

New Moon Ritual
Write on a piece of paper, the goal, the project and the vision you wish to see come to life in this new lunar cycle. Or perhaps, its a bigger goal that may take years to grow, ask for the guidance and the steps to make it happen. Under the darkness of night, go to your neighboring tree, your garden grove, or find a bit of earth to bury this paper in the ground. Read the paper out loud so your guides can hear it, than kiss it and place in the dirt. Repeat 3 times “I will, My will, divine will” Blessed be.

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.