Full Moon in Capricorn: June 27th 2018

After soaking up the love vibes of the New Moon, we will need to blanket ourselves with them in order to face this Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27th 2018. It’s time to look in the fullness of the moon and see our current reflection. If we see no shadow than summer will be long and joyous but if we do, than there is more shadow work to be done.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, restrictions and structure. As it is in retrograde, this brings stillness within movement and creates extra soul tension to achieve the great things we know we were born to do. Saturn often feels like the weight on our shoulders, the boulders in our guided path and the obstacles in our belief systems. Under this full moon we will feel restricted in expressing our hearts desires, we may feel punished for not living up to our expectations and could regret the choices or people that have kept us in our place.

Now this is not a time to cave, to give up or to withdraw from our responsibilities. We must move forward creating work, making art our life and demanding that our soul tasks be the most important quality of our everyday routines. This Full Moon will show us what is holding us back, what beliefs keep us stuck and show us a radical way to empower our immediate self.

We need Saturn, we need his fatherly wisdom to get our soul work done in this lifetime. His lessons may be difficult but they are there to make us stronger. To show us what we are capable of and to set our own boundaries to what we can and can not achieve. Instead of feeling limited, find a way to feel responsible, to know that the soul wound in which we have been given to heal, is ours and ours alone. Saturn is our medicine in the chaos of change and with his structure can we liberate our creativity to its fullest potential.

Full Moon Mantra
Big Magic
Within me
Big Magic
Around me
Show me the way
To live my responsibility.

Full Moon Ritual
In our 8th Chakra, we can connect to our Soul Contracts, held within them are old programs that no longer serve this life. It also show us what contract our soul has signed up for this life. Under the power of the full moon, take time to meditate and connect to your 8th Chakra. First get grounded to Gaia and clear your chakra body. When you are ready, focus on the spinning wheel just above your crown chakra, imagine yourself flying past the moon, past the sun, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter and than land on Saturn’s rings. Look into the atmosphere of Saturn and allow it to reflect to you old contracts that are no longer serving you, notice if you recognize familiar faces of people from your past or current relationships that are causing you difficulty. Take note of any feelings, sensations in your body or memories that arise. Allow the golden light to come in and release them from your energy bodies. When you feel washed from the old, dance along to the other side and look once again into saturn to witness the soul contract that you are working on in this lifetime. Ask questions and wait for answers, to be felt, heard or simply understood. When you feel you have received this information fly back through the cosmos and return to earth, back to your body, back to your room. Write out your soul contract on a piece of paper and keep it on your altar.

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.



Nicole O'Byrne