New Moon in Gemini - June 13, 2018

May was about transforming the old and turning towards the divine moment to receive clarity on what needs to be born. By June 13th for the New Moon in Gemini, the stars will align for us to call in our magic and to await a twist of good fate. It is time, to reach for success, to articulate our business goals and put all of our energy into our creations.  The cosmos is ready for us to claim back our power and make some real magic.

This electric Moon will square Neptune, causing us to bring down our fantasies to earth, so we can manifest them into reality. Neptune rules our imagination and the Moon wants us to bring our creativity to the world. Yet first we must break away from the illusions that others have shown us and transform it by choosing a new perspective. By living in the creative moment, we can shift out of the old mind frame and connect to what is alive and pulsating in front of us.

Mercury will square Chiron, telling us that it’s time to speak up about our wounds, the core issue of our soul, in order to open a new doorway. We are all born with a wound, a part that we bring with us on our hero’s journey to find our medicine and our gifts to the world. When we speak about our pain, when we let it move through us, we can heal it, transform it and empower ourselves. For example, a wound can be a feeling of “I don’t belong to this world” this can teach us, to be more in the world but not of it, to honor it but not become it, to value it but not to be overpowered by it. This earth, is a vessel for our souls to evolve, to move through the different levels of consciousness to one day return to the original source and the cosmic order. Therefore, when we bring our mysticism to our wounds and pain we can balance the worlds of the seen and unseen.

Venus moves into Leo, the planet of relationships will be ruled by the heart of the matter.  It will be a time to share our gifts and hearts desires in our relationships so that we may grow. We will find more stimulation with our intimate relationships, more self expression and even more love will come pouring out of us. When we connect with others about our hearts desires, we can build new kingdoms together.

This New Moon in Gemini will bring in our BIG MAGIC, by bringing our dreams down from heaven, sharing our wounds and finding its medicine through being in loving relationships. It’s time to heal dear ones, for we are in a time of great transformation and are ready to return home to the divine within all of us.

  New Moon Mantra
I am yours,
You are mine,
Together we can live,
One magical moment at a time.

New Moon Ritual
Let us return to the magical child inside. The one that wants to play and create infinite possibilities. Gemini wants to feel liberated, to be free to explore the unknown of potential. For this, we will go into meditation and focus on our Throat Chakra. Begin, by rooting down to the heart of Gaia, than allow a golden light to pour down the top of your head through each and every cell of your entire being. Cleansing any pain, fear, regret or anything that just doesn’t feel good any longer and let it pour out of your roots back into mother earth to be recycled. Return to your breath, and take a moment here in this emptiness, in this stillness. Bring your attention to a blue spinning wheel in front of your throat, imagine a blue doorway in the middle of a spinning vortex and on the count of 3 open the door. As you walk through, you enter your childhood room, imagine your toys, the books, the decorations, see yourself as a child playing in your room. Sit for awhile in this room, observing and asking your child what it likes do, what does it want to make, perhaps what they think of you. Finally ask the child what are its hearts desires. When you feel you receive this answer, thank the child and walk out of the door. Go back into your self, back to the world around you and awaken to the present moment. Take a piece of paper and write down your experience and make a list of the heart's desires from your inner child. Cross out any things on the list that you feel you have already achieved, than circle any of them that feel you want to accomplish now. Make a new list of the things you want to achieve by the next lunar cycle and keep it up on your altar.

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.


Nicole O'Byrne