New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse

July was about making space for a new beginning. For many of us we had big endings to an old cycle of life that no longer served us. We experienced intense emotional truths by moving through the depths of vulnerability and claimed back what had been forgotten. Our cellular energy has shifted and are vibrating on a new frequency. We have been transformed from the Eclipse season and now its time to integrate this change into our creative life. By August 11th for the New Moon in Leo Partial Solar Eclipse, we will have the courage to bring our gifts to the world.

The New Moon in Leo will be a time to embark on the mystery of our creations. As we are still in Mars Retrograde we are in the midst of exploring the many ways to share our gifts and are getting clear on the ultimate vision. Yet, this is a time not to get ahead of ourselves but to get down to the root, to the core, to the WHY we are creating. There are two ways to manifest our creations, one is looking out into the world to see what is being created and how to use our own ego understanding on the part we want to contribute. The second way, is to become still and to co-create with the divine, that speaks its wishes through our hearts desires. Begin to take notice of projects in our lives that have either been created from ego or from the divine? Often when we work together with our higher self, nature or the great mystery our projects reach, impact and transform our manifestations.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, our life force energy and teaches us about our true desires. This New Moon in Leo is time to connect to our hearts and listen to what needs to be born. To ask how we can co-create? For no artist works alone, they are a channel for the great creator. We just need to get out of the way and allow this creation to move us to live our true north. This Moon will be influenced by the planet Pluto, the soul of who we are and will be intensified by the passionate Sun to live our destiny.

Its time to write a new myth for the world and embody a true spiritual warrior. Let this powerful New Moon in Leo be our teacher and that teacher, lives within our heart. Go within and in our minds eye begin to envision how the world would look if everyone followed their hearts desires. A world where all life, creatures, gods and goddesses walked among each other and worked together becoming one.

 New Moon Mantra
Fire in my Heart
Fire in my Soul
Teach me the ways
Of how to create for the new world.

New Moon Ritual
Under this darkened night, sit in front of a red candle flame. Begin to whisper your many miracles and gratitude’s during this past lunar cycle. Speak of at least 20 things or more. When you feel complete, take 3 deep breaths of gratitude. Now stare into the burning candle flames, feeling the light dance on your skin, moving through your blood and deep within your bones. Imagine this golden light illuminating your heart, as a golden thread moves down your body, out of your feet. Allowing this light to go all the way to the heart of Gaia, feeling your heart beat and her’s pulse as one. Inhale moving this light back to your heart and exhale letting the light move up your neck, through the head and out of the crown chakra connecting you all the way to the sun. Now ask the question ’’ How do I share my light with the world?“ Now move your attention down to your heart, feeling your heart beat, feeling connected to both what is above and what is below. Allow your imagination, senses and higher self communicate with you. Receive the message and when you feel you are complete open your eyes and stare at the flame. Now visualise what you felt to be seen out in the world, imagine it coming alive in the fiery flames before you, letting it dance inside your heart. Take a deep breath and blow out the flame, whispering “So mote, it be, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be“ Write down the message you received and make a small action plan to fulfill a part of it by the Full Moon in Pisces.

Nicole O'Byrne is a Transformation Coach who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Magic in life, business and relationships.