Ritual Magic - Full Moon in Aries 2018

Full Moon in Aries

This full moon is going to require our strength and flexibility. For the planet Saturn is going to square the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron. We will feel the weight of our responsibilities and  will experience obstacles during this transit. As Saturn squares the moon, it will bring up lack of confidence and trust in our intuition giving us feelings of hopelessness and our needs to belong. Our thoughts will be heavy with self doubt and can experience a loud inner critic. Saturn which is often seen as the father of the cosmos, will also reawaken Chiron, our deep wound and want us to take responsibility for healing ourselves.

Saturn is the archetype in all of us that needs to have more authority of our lives, to teach us of power and how to harness this energy. So instead of seeing it as a challenge, we can feel it as a gift which will help us take the step towards our evolution, to be brave enough to radically accept who we are in the world. The fact that this Saturn energy is so powerful during a Full Moon in Aries, shows us that the universe is always wanting us to succeed. For this full moon energy will give us courage, a fierce and loyal heart to carry on. To move past these limitations, these obstacles and use it to feed our fire, to fight for our right to live.

The supporting aspects of this lunation will be Moon sextile Mars, which will gives us the strength, passion and creativity to heal our emotional storms. Mars is the divine masculine and will make sure to overcome any obstacles on his path back to his goddess.

The planet Uranus will also help us by allowing us to have new ways of thinking, moving away from negative and critical thought forms. A perfect time to look at our old beliefs, to have a conversation with our critical self and find a radical new way of communicating with our creative self.

This Full Moon is a time to show the world what we are made of, to show our soul that we belong to this earth and that we are on our own mythic journey. Aries is the hero, the fool that leaps into the unknown with curiosity, connected to his intuition and allows himself to be lead by the great divine. Ultimately its a time to surrender, to let go of the old habits, beliefs and relationships that stand in the way of our growth and teach our subconscious how the conscious mind wants to grow.

Full Moon Mantra
Time to know
How to grow
To become
What I’ve always known

Full Moon Ritual
Time to get back to the seed of who we are, which can be found in our root chakra. This is the energy of Mars the ruler of Aries, the hero of our journey. I want you to take time writing your “Personal Myth.” Get out your journal or pieces of paper and pen. First, answer this question, “What was your favorite childhood movie” Discover the theme of this story and how your personal childhood related to this movie. Now pick a moment in your childhood that this story played out in your own life. Now I want you to reflect on the theme and if this still feels alive in you today? Now answer this question “What movie, book or tv show do I love now?” Reflect once more, on the themes and your favorite characters, write these thoughts down. Now imagine, if you were this character, how are they similar to you and how are they different? Now reflect on, the qualities you wished you had from this character, write them down. Now I want you to write a “future story” of yourself. By first writing this new characters description and creating the theme. Than imagine a scene in which you want to experience and than write it with the new character you have created. When you have finished this story, I want you to share it with someone you love and trust. Burn the old story and blow the ashes into the wind and say “Blessed be” 3 times. Keep this new story with you by putting it on your altar or magical books.

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformation Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.