Time to return Home - Full Moon in Cancer

The last Full Moon for 2018 will be in Cancer the day after Winter Solstice on December 22nd. This is the season when family becomes our center focus and all the emotional stories that arrive when we are around the people that we love the most. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, she represents the Mother, how we nourish ourselves and how we perceive our life experiences. The Moon acts like a mirror, it reflects out into the world what we feel inside. Therefore, if our emotional bodies are feeling sensitive, protective and suspicious, our environment can become this reality. Being with a family that is loving or even hostile, they represent patterns within our DNA that we came to love, to heal and to learn from.

Has it not, only been through love that can we overcome the unforgivable, be vulnerable and learn about our true strength? Cancer can be a tough mother, she can be strict and overbearing, thinking that she knows best for us but often it is her own undealt with karma that she puts on us. As children of the new generation we must forgive her for her misunderstandings of who she things we are and show who we want to be. So the lesson will be to forgive, to accept the things in ourselves that want to control the uncontrollable and to forgive others for trying to do the same.

This healing Full Moon arrives after the magical time of Winter Solstice, when we return home to our inner world, to meet within us what is striving to be born in the season to come. For now, it must be nourished and given time to grow from the unknown, in the deep belly of creation. We chose this life, we chose our parents and the story that our soul was born to live. In order for us to evolve we must learn to love all aspects of life and during this festive occasion will be the greatest gift of all.

Full Moon Mantra

Thank you mother

Thank you grandmother

Please forgive me

And love me anyway.

Full Moon Ritual

Under this potent Full Moon in Cancer, I want you to write a letter to the Moon. I want you to tell her everything in your life that you are thankful for, all the gifts in your life, all the little magical moments and everything that you happy that you achieved this year. When you are finished writing, light a candle and imagine the Full Moon in front of you and read the letter out loud. When you are finished I want you to make 1 wish for the New Year to come. What is your deepest hearts desire? Speak out loud and when your ready, blow out the candle and say “I will, my will, divine will. Blessed be, Amen”

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformational Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.