Full Moon in Leo Eclipse - Time to Live

When the Sun enters into Aquarius on January 21st we will have a powerful Full Moon in Leo Eclipse that will awaken our cosmic intelligence and inspire us on how to live our hearts desires. This Full Moon will also show us how our rational mind limits our creative process and where we block our intuition from not believing in our gifts.

This Full Moon we will embody the Artist archetype and his shadow, the Victim. The artist is connected to the fiery energy of Leo, the one who lives at the center of the universe, the sun’s life force energy pours into every aspect of his life. If the artist forgets his light and purpose in life, he can become the Victim, feeling worthless and blaming the world for his light disappearing. The life of an artist is never easy, not only do we have to prove to ourselves that we have talent but then we have to convince the world that we are worthy of it.

We will have Mars and Saturn, battling within our psyche and bringing out our young masculine and father personality. The young vibrant artistic Mars is passionate and wants to go and achieve his dreams while the father Saturn, looks at the risks, has lack of faith. Saturn wants Mars to get a job before pursuing his dreams and make him deal with the real world’s responsibilities. Luckily we will have Jupiter and Venus, calm the masculine energy with the creative feminine to find a balance and perhaps a new way to create the life we truly desire, without sacrificing the dream.

Allow this Full Moon to awaken the limiting beliefs and patterns in our subconscious and awaken to the deep creative energy. Remember that we need to solve solutions not just with our scientific and rational mind but also with our intuition and symbolic perspective. It’s time to access and give permission for creative life force energy and to remind the world that art is the pathway to our evolution.

Full Moon Mantra

I am creative

I am living art

I am aligned to the divine

Full Moon Ritual

Under this powerful Full Moon Energy, it’s time to create your own masterpiece. Begin your ritual with creating sacred space with lots of candles, a single yellow candle, paper and pen or paper and water colors and music. Light all the candles and the yellow candle in front of you and begin to allow all your angry thoughts arise from within you. Start thinking about what makes you angry, who makes you angry, what has caused this anger. With this feeling inside you, I want you to paint it out or write it out or dance it out. Use any medium that you feel is your strongest creative outlet and if none of them are, choose one that feels good to express your anger. Once you feel this anger is released, sit down in front of the candle and allow the flames to melt away the rest of the anger. When you feel complete take 3 deep breaths, than stare into the fire again. Begin to fill all that empty space with love, in every single cell and than paint, write or dance this feeling of love in your body. Again when you feel complete, return to the candle and blow it out, saying out loud “Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be.”

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformational Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.