New Moon Aquarius - New Mind, New World

New Moon in Aquarius February 4th

Take a deep breathe. Eclipse season is over. For now!

After that enriching Imbolc weekend, and Saturn dancing with Neptune, faith has been restored. By the New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th, will be a profound time to create a new mindset of revolutionary thinking. We need to start getting creative and since Imbolc has reminded us of our light, we have new insight on how to move forward in our life.

Take time during this New Moon to remember any limiting beliefs that have stopped you from receiving the life you crave. Often these memories are buried deep inside the subconscious or held in our cellular body from the residue of previous lifetimes. This is the best time to work with hypnotherapy or past life regression therapy to get to the root of the problem. Aquarius reminds us the power of our mind and how we can transform when we connect to the collective consciousness. Its true, that no one person can save the world, that it takes many minds, many actions and many cultures to come together to create change. We have been using our Intellect to progress from agriculture to industrialism and now capitalism. Now it’s time to activate our inner Guru archetype to see the world problems as a integrated whole and operate from a place of oneness to create a new system.

The New Moon in Aquarius wants us to dive into new ways of creating global solutions for our everyday problems. Take time to write out a vision of this “new world,” what systems do we use, energy sources, agriculture and land usage. Meditate on the part you want to play in this new vision and the type of community you need to have in order to thrive. Write down one project you want to start that would be a step towards this vision. Make a plan of action for the next 6 months to achieve this goal and to see what new possibilities open up!

New Moon Mantra

I will,

My will

Divine Will

New Moon Ritual

What is your wish for the world? Spend time in this dark moon creating sacred space. The best way to connect to your higher self, is to be out or with nature. The roots of all things are connected to the heart of Gaia and now is the time to reach out for help by the bigger self. Allow yourself to take a house plant or go to your favorite tree. Place your left hand on them and speak to them out loud. Asking them for guidance on how to make this new vision you have for the world possible. Nature communicates through your imaginations and senses. Once you feel you have received your answers, write them down on a piece of paper and share this information with your community or loved one.

Nicole Marie is a Astrologer + Coach using the tools of transformation. By working with Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual we can reprogram your life and change your story. Working with clients all around the world and supporting them in business, relationships and all things magic!

Nicole O'Byrne