New Moon in Capricorn Eclipse 2019 - Time to Plan

Welcome to 2019, this year is about doing the work, taking responsibility for our dreams and ambitions in life. We need to focus on building a stronger foundation for the new path we are creating and to find creative solutions for our worldly problems. We will begin the year with a powerful New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th 2019, ruled by Pluto and Saturn, the planets of power. Pluto is the symbolic, mythic mind while Saturn is the rational, governance mentality that keeps our perspective based in reality.

Three days leading up to the New Moon, we can expect feelings of self doubt as the Sun and Saturn challenge each other’s egos. The Sun is in Capricorn and so is Saturn, yet the egos are different, the Sun proud and full of hearts desire, eager to accomplish any goal, while Saturn dims its light, casting its shadow, of the weak, the vulnerable and all alone. Than Mercury the planet of speech and Chiron, the wounded child, will share painful words with each other and our loved ones. Luckily by the New Moon, Uranus, the planet of genius is here to inspire Mercury to find creative solutions to the problems its facing. Since the Moon is also in Capricorn we will be embodying the Chariot, the amazon moon goddess. She lives out her hearts desires by staying focused on her goals and invoking the powers of the moon to hold the wisdom of her ancestors.

As we dive into this powerful eclipse season in January we will be tested in our relationships, our faith and our power. This is why we look to the “other” world to guide us, why we turn to the cosmos and ask for guidance along our evolutionary path. We are not alone and now is the time to start truly believing, practicing, embodying and creating our magic. The intentions, spells and rituals that we perform during this time will be the foundation to the life we are creating for years to come.

New Moon Mantra

I wish for a better way

To live out my destiny

To do my part

That I came here to be.

New Moon Ritual

It’s time to make a BIG New Year’s Wish List but first, let’s make some magic! In your sacred space, I want you to sit with a green candle in front of you, a bowl of water and one sunflower seed in each hand. Close your eyes and connect your spine to the ground than imagine the spine growing in to long strong roots, that begin to dig through the earth and wrap around the heart of Gaia. Take 3 deep breaths, than begin to imagine your head growing and moving past the roof, beyond your city, up through the atmosphere, past the moon, the sun, mercury, venus, mars and than land yourself on Saturn’s ring. Allow yourself to dance or stand in amazement at this beautiful planet and than in your minds eye ask to meet the Lord Saturn. Allow your imagination to soar and when you feel you meet him, ask “Lord Saturn, how do I take responsibility for my soul purpose this year?” Allow feelings, body sensations, knowing or words arrive to you and when you feel ready, make sure to thank him and give him a gift. Than return back down to earth, back to the body and wake up. Light the candle in front of you, than with your left hand whisper to the seed what you need to let go of in order to move forward and then place it in water. Take the right hand and whisper to the seed what you wish to fulfill in 2019, and bury it in your garden or next to your favorite tree. Than spend some time in front of the candle making your 2019 List and message from Saturn. When you complete read everything out loud and towards the candle. When you are finished, blow out the candle and say “And so, it is and blessed be, blessed be, blessed be” Keep the list with you and place it on your alter.

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformational Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.