Time to Begin: New Moon in Libra 2018

October is a month of magic and will be a journey to uncovering the mystery of our soul. We begin the month with Venus the planet of love and relationships going into retrograde on October 5th in the energy of Scorpio. Retrogrades are about digging deeper, going within and a chance to re-do, re-edit, to learn again. A few days later, the New Moon in Libra on October 8th will focus our attention on our romantic relationships and get clear on our souls desires. Since we are in the season of love and learning how to honor our hearts needs, it will a time to unveil our true self. Scorpio is a deep and powerful energy, one that wants to transform and to claim back our power. Yet, the only way to discovering who we really are in relationship is to surrender, to reveal our deepest secrets and to be vulnerable in the face of unconditional love.

We have the mighty Venus and Mars, the divine masculine and feminine dancing in the cosmic sky teaching us what we are willing to let go of and what we need to fight for. Relationships take work and the relationship with the self needs to be constantly evolving and developing. During this time, as old issues and pain from the past arrive we need to trust, that the past does not equal the future. Most of our biggest issues in relationships are the traumas, the pain and the mistakes of what we have done before, but if we forgive ourselves now for what happened than, imagine who we could become. It's time to put aside who was right, why did it happen and to focus on what comes next.

We will have Neptune in Pisces to help bring deep healing to our subconscious and to active our creative self. Creativity is our medicine and under this New Moon in Libra will be our greatest gift to heal the wounds of the past. Take time to express what has been hidden, unfelt or misunderstood. Paint, draw, run, cook, write, dance, move the pain out of the body, give it back to source and ask creativity to be our alley in the messy magic of life. Our creativity is our greatest friend, lover and medicine in life and should be honored everyday.

Be gentle in precious relationships, the one with our self and others. Invite creativity back into our everyday practice and learn from our imagination realm on how to broadcast our souls desires to the world. This New Moon in Libra will be an alchemical force, the shadow and light arriving at the sunset of acceptance remembering its own divine brilliance. Create with the pain, make cosmic sunrises of all the colors of life and behold a new canvas upon the seasons of time. We are here as creators, undivided and miraculous as conscious advocates for the new world. Make peace with the past and move fiercely into the next chapter of life.

New Moon Mantra

I am here

I am love

I am infinite

New Moon Ritual

Under the darkness of the New Moon, it's time for you to write yourself a new love story. Settle into a scared circle surrendered with candles, tall and small, white and red. Facing North, get yourself grounded with a root chakra meditation and than focus your attention on a burning flame. Take time to reflect on your current love story. Ask yourself questions...are you suffering? Where do you feel disconnected? Where do you need more love in your life? While looking at the needs, desires and wants, allow the imagination to show you how it can be changed. Pull a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left hand side write out what needs to be changed, what habit, feelings, thoughts, beliefs keep you from living your real love story. Write at least 10! On the right hand side, for each 10 statements write out a new habit, thought, belief or feeling you would rather experience. On another piece of paper, write out a “perfect moment” in your new love story. Now, write a “plan of action” of making steps to achieve this new goal, these can be small steps that help get to the bigger picture. After this, get up and express it in a creative way, maybe you want to paint it, draw it, bake it, dance it or write a play. Do a action of embodiment and call this love into your life! When you feel complete blow out every candle well saying “Blessed be” Than when all the candles are blown out, hold your arms up into the sky and say out loud “I will, my will, divine will” 3 times