Time for a New Vision - New Moon in Sagittarius

We are finally out of Retrograde season and will have a beautiful New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7th, to set new visions for the season ahead. Sagittarius is the Spiritual Warrior, the archetype that seeks out universal truth, who sparks hope back into our hearts and strives to bring the world back together again. We will have our fire back and will fill our minds of a brighter new year to come.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and outreach, and how we connect to our cosmic consciousness, our higher selves. We have been through some heavy times during these past few months, Venus in Retrograde, was a battle of the sexs, right and wrong, good or evil. Trauma rose from unknown crevess of our psyche asking to be seen and to hopefully be healed. We have lost and yet in some magical ways we have gained so much more. This retrograde cycle was about diving deep and sitting still in the unknown, learning to simply be, instead of doing. Now we have our fire back and our foresight regained, we have a chance to move forward once again.

This New Moon will be an important time to get clear on the new vision for our life. Now that we have seen the deepest fears and shadows of our habits, we have the wisdom to make different choices. Of course, there will be some left over residue from the retrogrades that may still be haunting our foresight. With Mars, Neptune and Pisces having a hard square to each other, it may cause frustration and impatience towards our visions. Feeling lack of confidence or suspensions of our new dreams, we still must have faith. This is our chance to call on Jupiter, to move to our higher mind and look at the bigger picture. Every Warrior has its challenges on the journey of life, we must move through our obstacles with wisdom and a courageous heart.

New Moon Mantra

I believe in me

I believe in you

I believe in the powers that be

New Moon Ritual

It’s time to get cosmic! Find time in your busy schedule to sit for 30 minutes, in the evening or early in the morning. For those who also follow planetary hours, look up when Jupiter will be during the evening and schedule it during that time. Before creating your sacred space, put on Jupiter sound frequency and allow it to play in the background. Light a candle and begin looking into the flames, allow that golden light to fill your entire body, cleansing every single cell. Take 3 deep breaths and on the last exhale, close your eyes. Imagine your body being held by earth and rooted to the heart of Gaia. Allow your energy body to expand, moving up through the house, through the atmosphere, looking down below earth and moving past all the planets and stars until you reach Jupiter. In your minds eye, ask Jupiter “How to I become a Spiritual Warrior in my life?” Ask as many times as you need, until you allow Jupiter to show you visions, allow feelings, sensations to flow through your body. Stay there for as long as possible, until you feel the message has been received. Come back down to earth, open your eyes and stare in the flame, allowing it to fill you with this new vision for your life. Write down this vision on a piece of paper or paint it on a canvas and hang it on your altar. Always when finished blow out the candle and whisper “Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be.”

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformational Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.