Time to Live: New Moon in Scorpio

November Lunar Astrology

New Moon in Scorpio: November 7th 2018

Its time to be fierce. To stand up for what we want to create and dismiss whatever is getting in our way. This New Moon in Scorpio is time to claim back our power, to call back our soul into our body and give birth to our new life. Scorpio brings us the gift of inner sight, how things truly appear and gives us the courage to face our deepest fears. For it is fear, that keeps us bound to the past or unwilling to move forward on how we really want to live our lives. Well, now is the chance, to believe in something bigger than the separated self and get back to a reality where we are all supporting each other to succeed.

During this Venus in Retrograde cycle, we have faced feelings of jealousy, tried to manipulate others to protect ourselves and in the midst of chaos learned to surrender to it all. All our experiences are a part of who we are and all that pain, joy, opinions, defeat, rejection and unconditional love, matter. They have taught us who we truly are against all obstacles and how we become strong. We will have Neptune supporting us, to guide us towards our inner faith and true north. It is when we surrender into the deepest gratitude of all experiences do we find our deepest connection to life.

Pluto, the soul of our solar system will propel us towards our soul purpose and give us the determination to meet our goals. Its time to get serious about what we want to create in this life and to allow this divine timing to show us the way. We will be able to tap into the parts of ourselves that is connected to the soul of life, the original seed of manifestations. Imagine for a moment, that Gaia, the earth that we live on, is a mother, just another cosmic being living in the galaxy, and her gift is creation. She uses all the elemental forces of, earth, water, air, fire in order to create life and we are her creations. We were given life to live it, and be part of her cosmic manifestations.

Let this New Moon in Scorpio be a time to dive deep into the soul of the matter and to get clear on how to manifest our most authentic self. For Scorpio knows only truth and a the love that can break all curses. Its time to make some magic and remember the time when we lived by the moon, when we relishes in her beauty and gave thanks to all that she created. Trust that whatever obstacle, or pain we experienced was worth it and give it time heal. Take a leap and know that the soul of the galaxy is guiding us.

New Moon Mantra

I believe in you

You believe in me

Together we can achieve

The infinite possibilities.

New Moon Ritual

Time to make some Magic with the Moon! Dive deep into your emotional water, allow the storms of your sorrows to rise and flow, allow what is hidden within you to surface. Take time in sacred space with a large bowl of water at the center. Surround yourself with candles of all colours, create sounds that ground you and chant your name so the universe hears you. Light a single candle in front of you, and stare into the flame. Now close your eyes and allow the light to cleanse each and every cell, to purify your mind, body, emotions and energy. Place your hands on your belly and begin to rub it side to side, allow any feelings, visions, sensations to arise. Take deep belly breaths, filling your belly with air and than slowly releasing it. When you feel empty and your cells are calm and filled with light, open your eyes and move closer to the bowl of water, moving the candle behind the bowl. Now stare into the water, first looking at your reflection, the ripples forming from your breath and than image the water changing to the face of the moon. Take a few moments here, staring into the moon, with your reflection dancing between hers. Now ask out loud “What does my soul wish to manifest in this life time?“ Keep breathing and allow the message to be revealed to you, with visions, sensations, feelings, or smells. Notice any symbols or sounds that may appear around you, allow your awareness to move beyond what is seen but what is known. Once you have received this message, notice your reflection one more time and whisper into the water what you experienced. Than take a few sips of water and say outloud “I will my will divine will, blessed be“

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformation Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.