Ritual Magic - New Moon in Virgo 2018

Summer is coming to the end and we will be moving into the season of letting go.
On September 9th we will have a New Moon in Virgo, a perfect time to cleanse away the old.
Virgo is known as the healer and wants to return the spirit back to the body, to be rooted back into the earth. This will be a beautiful time to get out in nature and to listen to the needs of our physical world. This earth based maiden loves to be in nature, to exist within the cycles of life and will help welcome in the season of purification.

Neptune the planet of our imagination realm, will cause confusion in our mental body, making us question our abilities, our old fears to resurface and have us questioning the motives of others. The illusion of Neptune may present itself as making us feel disconnected from our body which can leave us feeling tired and overwhelmed. We can break this illusion by returning back to earth, going outside, feeling the earth between our toes and breath in the fullness of life.

This New Moon will feel mystical as the planet Jupiter, will give us good fortune and opportunities to twist our fate towards success. This is a profound time to make wishes for a new business or networking opportunities, to set goals for the next cycle and make plans for future adventures. We also have Pluto, supplying intense and powerful energy to take us to the next level on our evolutionary path. It will feel as if we have the force of the universe behind us to make our goals a reality.

This New Moon in Virgo is a time to cleanse the body, to clear our mind of judgements and to get grounded on how we want to plan for success. Remember to go outside and get into the body, to feel the earth and listen for signs of future possibilities. We are in the time of envisioning the new world to come, take time to set intentions and goals for this new vision to be born.

New Moon Mantra
Blessed be this day,
Blessed be this way,
Blessed be this earth,
That guides me
Moves me
And loves me
Every single day.

New Moon Ritual
Write 10 Manifestations that you want create in this next cycle. Go out under the dark cool night, with a piece of paper and green pen. Bring a green candle and sit it on the ground in front of you. Stare into the flame, feeling its warm energy fill your heart with golden light. Feel your body against the ground, feeling supported and loved. Now write 10 Manifestations that you want to happen during this next lunar cycle and make sure to write out ACTION STEPS, on how you could achieve them. When you are finished, read the list out loud, directing it towards the fire. When you are complete whisper “I Will, My Will, Divine Will” 3 times and than blow out the candle.

Nicole O’Byrne is a Transformation Coach using the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves. She facilitates soul initiations and leads transformation workshops around the world.