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Dear one, you have arrived. Back into the world of Magic, where you will discover what is hiding behind those doorways. You have waited long enough, your curiosity must be nourished. I am here to open a doorway to a new myth of your soul and to teach you how to live in this world.



Transformation Sessions

You are here for a reason, someone or something told you about me and a curious spark of light as lead you to this page. As you know, I love the tools of Astrology, Tarot, Sound Healing and Ritual and would love to share these tools with you NOW! Below are some of my favorite readings for my first time clients!

Astrology Reading

Also known as your Natal Chart looks at the astrological aspects of your birth. With this 90 minute reading we will dive into your Life Purpose, Personality, Talents, Challenges and your gift to the world. This is where we begin to look at your Hero's journey and how your soul wants to return home, back to your magical self.

80 Euro

Tarot Reading

Tarot is an ancient oracle that has been guiding people in their lives for centuries. During our tarot reading together, not only will you learn about what is to come but will heal the present by confirming your souls intuition. In this 60 minute Life Coach Tarot Reading you will be transformed and given insight on how to live your hearts desires.

60 Euro

Sound Healing and Chakra Reading

Do you know that the Chakra's are the doorways to the soul? Within each chakra holds the key to access your potent creative energy and to live fully in this life. In our 60 minute session, we will reveal the stories of your chakra's through Tarot, transform them through Sound healing and give you a life affirming practice to harness your creative power.

80 Euro

 Transformation Coach

Are you ready to dive in deeper? Let's begin with a Introductory session where we use all my favourite tools of transformation and begin this powerful journey together!

Transformation Coach Session

It's time for a Transformation.

In our 120-minute session we will use the transformation tools of Astrology, Tarot, Life Story Coach and NLP. Together we begin looking at your Natal Chart and discover who you are and how you came to evolve. We look at your natural gifts and talents, challenges, career, relationships and your Life Purpose. The Life Purpose Tarot reading will reveal the soul of who you are and how to embody this self into everyday life. We will than look at your Transit Chart to consult with the planetary aspects empowering your life now and help guide towards manifesting your goals.We will be able to answer all those BIG life questions and confirm your souls intuition.

Transformation Coach Session Includes:

  • Natal Chart Interpretation

  • Transit Chart Interpretation

  • Life Purpose Tarot Card

  • PDF of Natal Chart and Report

  • Mp3 File of recorded session

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Single Session - 120 Minutes - €180

Transformation Coaching

After our first session together, we may want to dive deeper to support you on your transformation journey. Again we will use the power of the cosmos to help you accomplish your goals, empower your life choices and gain guidance on which path to follow.

Transformation Coaching Includes:

  • Astrology Transit Reading

  • Tarot Reading

  • Life Story Coach

  • NLP

  • Lunar Rituals

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Single Session - 60 minutes - €90

What Transformed Clients are Saying

"Virgo Queen has transformed my life. I discovered her right before my Saturn Return and dove in and got the 12 session package. Our sessions together are filled with so much wisdom, full of energy and tools that have awoken me to my magical self.  Virgo Queen will definitely help you to see your situation in a deeper way and give you the support needed on your journey. Thank you Virgo Queen for being such a huge support and being my guide towards seeing the light in my darkest time."

Ruby / Fashion Designer


“Thank you. I came away from our work together with a new insight on how to proceed toward an even clearer vision of what is calling to me in my life. The strength you could call on in my astrology chart and the guidance from my tarot cards are helping me stay on course. Thank you for this gift you have given me and for your deep kindness.You are truly an old soul."

Rose Marie /Psycho Somatic Therapist LMT


"Thanks to you. I am now able to have a communion with trees which has been amazingly spiritually gratifying and enlightening. I consider several trees to be friends and fellow travelers. My whole existence now seems to flow from the monthly moon cycle and I feel extremely energized, emotional, and magical. I feel transformed and am grateful for your wisdom, knowledge and your obvious deep connection to the energy of the earth, moon and the whole universe. "

Private Client/Lawyer


I've had the pleasure of knowing Nicole and her work for years now and through her work and her being the astrological and shamanic queen that she is, she has helped me in many ways. Through her beautiful workshops, rituals and guided meditations my life has been infused with more magic, clarity and lunar and natural wisdom. her personal readings have helped me fall in love with myself and provided me with answers that felt so intuitive, so on point and I would reccmend her guidance any day. Thank you Nicole for the wisdom you bring."

Lina Emeli Ericsson/Designer

Curious about what you could discover in a session with Virgo Queen? Click the video below!