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Transformation Coach




Dear one, you have arrived. Back into the world of Magic, where you will discover what is hiding behind those doorways. You have waited long enough, your curiosity must be nourished. I am here to open a doorway to a new myth of your soul and the world.



Transformation Coach -  Introductory Session

It's time for a Transformation.

In our first 90-minute session we will use the transformation tools of Life Purpose Astrology, Life Coach Tarot Reading, Sound Healing and Ritual. Together we begin looking at your Natal Chart and discover who you are and how you came to evolve, to answer all those questions and get clear on how to live in this life. The Life Purpose Tarot reading will reveal the soul of who you are and how to embody this self into everyday life. We will than look at your Transit Chart to consult with the planetary aspects empowering your life now and help guide towards manifesting your goals.

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Single Session - 90 Minutes - €180

Transformation Coach - Single Session

After our first session together, we may want to dive deeper to support you on your transformation journey. This can include single sessions using the following tools:

  • Astrological Transit Reading
  • Progressed Chart Reading
  • Life Coach Tarot Reading
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Life Story Coach Session
  • Lunar Rituals

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Single Session - 60 minutes - €120

Transformation Packages

10% of All Transformation Packages purchased will be donated to a Monthly Charity:

This Full Moon in Aquarius we will donate our proceeds to:

Tree Sisters 

Transform your Story

I have a feeling you have been here many times before. Many of the old souls are awakening and are in the process of remembering who they are. In this 5 Session package you will discover the many life times that are weaving into your current life. These sessions will awaken those lost parts of your soul and return them back to you, empowering you to live more powerfully in the here and now.

I will take you through a Past Life Regression, where we discover the story of your soul. Here we can look at old stories, fears and phobias, issues in relationships and bad habits that are affecting your current life. We will work with the following transformation tools:

  • Past Life Regression
  • Astrology Transits
  • Life Story Coaching
  • Ritual

Now is the time to return to the past, in order to heal the future.

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

5 Sessions - 60 Minutes -  €500

Dive into the Chakra's

Ready to open the 7 doorways of Magic? They key lies within each of your 7 Chakra's and through the tools of transformation we will unlock the doorways to your soul. To embody, this deep magic allows you to live in co-creation with your creative self. This 7 Session package we will look at your Astrological energy of each chakra, learn its stories and how to transform its energy. We will perform a Chakra Tarot Reading to look at what story lives within and how to heal archetypal patterns. This 7 Session will include the following Transformation Tools:

  • Chakra Worksheet
  • Chakra Sound Meditations
  • Mantra Activation Recordings
  • Chakra Astrology Reading
  • Chakra Tarot Reading
  • Empower Ritual

 These sessions will empower, activate, and transform your life and allow you to live your New Myth!

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

7 Sessions - 60 minutes - €720

Full Transformation

Do you feel the call? Has your soul awakened to the taste of Magic and now have a deep craving to embody this new reality? For the next 12 Sessions, you and I and all the transformation tools will design your own Initiation process into the life of Magic. This is the time to initiate the cosmic self into the body by using the tools of:


  • 12 x 90 minute Sessions personally designed for your transformation journey

  • Astrological Transits

  • Chakra Activation Series

  • Planetary Sound Healing Recordings

  • Past Life Regression Meditation

  • New Myth Meditation

  • Transformation Moon Circle Package

  • Death Ritual

  • Empowerment Ritual

  • Soul Mate Ritual

  • Psychic Spell

After this journey together, you will be living your New Myth, transformed from the old life, given the tools for the new life and be brave to live out your hearts desires. It’s time to live your Magic dear ones, so let's start NOW!

Available Online or in Person (Local to Berlin, Germany)

Transformation Package: 12 x 90 Minutes - €1,800

(Happy to discuss Payment Plan Options for our journey)

What Transformed Clients are Saying

"Virgo Queen has transformed my life. I discovered her right before my Saturn Return and dove in and got the 12 session package. Our sessions together are filled with so much wisdom, full of energy and tools that have awoken me to my magical self.  Virgo. Queen will definitely help you to see your situation in a deeper way and give you the support needed on your journey. Thank you Virgo Queen for being such a huge support and being my guide towards seeing the light in my darkest time."

Ruby / Fashion Designer


“Thank you. I came away from our work together with a new insight on how to proceed toward an even clearer vision of what is calling to me in my life. The strength you could call on in my astrology chart and the guidance from my tarot cards are helping me stay on course. Thank you for this gift you have given me and for your deep kindness.You are truly an old soul."

Rose Marie /Psycho Somatic Therapist LMT

Curious about what you could discover in a session with Virgo Queen? Click the video below!