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Transformation Tools for the New Generation

Chakra Sound Meditation

July 10th to August 18th 2018


Join me in Nature to open the chakra's and connect to mother earth. We will gather under the ancient oak Mama Tree in Treptow Park to meditate, chant and heal.

We will spend the night with a Guided Meditation, Mantra and Sound Healing. These are the tools to manifesting a life of magic and aligning to your cosmic self.



Nature Series

7 Laws of Nature


October 20th to 21st 2018

This is a 2 Day Workshop that will teach you the laws of nature and how to get back into alignment with mother earth. These ancient laws were born from the Mystery Schools of Earth and will help us learn how to get back into harmony with nature and ourselves.

 We will understand the basic principles of each law, integrate with guided meditation and embodiment rituals. You will be given a mindfulness practice and daily affirmation to help integrate this law into your every day life.

Learning these laws will transform your life and the world we live in. Mother earth needs us to get back into alignment and by understanding these laws will give you the foundation needed to change the world.


Full Moon Transformation Workshop

This Full Moon in Pisces is time to empower our creative selves. Our creativity is our medicine, it is how we heal our soul wounds and evolve in this lifetime. Pisces is the ultimate healer and artist, she is ruled by her subconscious and it is there, where we tap into the dark places that need to experience its light.

This Transformation Workshop is a full day event and will teach you the tools of transformation. We will explore our creative self, to learn what it truly desires, and how to become a vessel for its expression. We will use the tools of Rebirth Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Movement and Ritual.


Transformation Moon Circles

Do you live in Berlin? Or another part of the world? Well, I would love to share with you and the rest of your cosmic tribe the magic of Transformation Moon Circles. Every New Moon and Full Moon I gather in circle to awaken the stories of the cosmos. With every circle I share the current Astrology Aspects, the Story of the Moon, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Ritual. By working with lunar magic you can transform your subconscious, connect with your soul and heal the cellular energy of your body.

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