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Transformation Moon Circles

Do you live in Berlin? Or another part of the world? Well, I would love to share with you and the rest of your cosmic tribe the magic of Transformation Moon Circles. Every New Moon and Full Moon I gather in circle to awaken the stories of the cosmos. With every circle I share the current Astrology Aspects, the Story of the Moon, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Ritual. By working with lunar magic you can transform your subconscious, connect with your soul and heal the cellular energy of your body.



Upcoming Event

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Planetary Sound Healing and Ritual

This will be a night to remember as we explore our inner cosmos and dive deeper into our wishes for the new year. We will start the evening with a Guided Meditation through our Chakra's, join together in ritual and dive into the current planetary frequencies in a Sound Journey. It all takes place in the beyond beautiful studio of Olivia Steele and will be surrounded by her transformational art.

Past Events

When we gather under the potent energy of the moon, we transform our subconscious mind, our old ancestral patterns into a conscious co-creation with our higher selves. This is how we reprogram our life and our world to become the change needed to save our planet, our mother, our earth.


New Moon in Sagittarius 2018


Full moon in Gemini 2018


New Moon in Scorpio 2018

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